Congratulations to Aarti on concluding her Young Scientist Program (YSP)

from left to right: Ziang Feng, Aarti Palaniappan, Song Hu

Aarti Palaniappan is a rising senior at Marquette high school who finished her summer research internship in the Hu lab. She spent 8 weeks working under the mentorship of Drs. Ziang Feng and Song Hu.

Aarti’s study was focused on optical pH sensing, which has the potential to be applied in brain tumor detection. She fabricated the sensors, built the test system, and calibrated the sensors with pH buffer solutions. These sensors will be used in the in vivo experiments on mouse models.

‘’I am excited to have conducted STEM research that potentially has life-changing impacts,’’ says Aarti after finishing her project. She wishes to become a surgeon or physician one day and is glad to experience the development process of the tools used on the bedside.

The Hu Lab is glad to have hosted Aarti and provided scientific and engineering training to young scientists like her.

Aarti’s presentation in the YSP closing symposium
Aarti and Ziang