Allison Martinez was featured by ALEIQ for the International Day of Women and Girls in Science

Allison Martinez, a Ph.D. student in MISL from Honduras, was interviewed by ALEIQ Honduras, an association for the Latino science community.

Allison is one of the few Honduran women that have made it to a Ph.D. During the interview, she talked about her academic journey. When asked how she became interested in science, she told a story about her grandma, who had a spinal cord injury. She said she was too young to realize that her interest in science was ignited by her grandma’s condition, but now knows that scientific research can help patients like her grandma. This is what pushed her to pursue a research-oriented stem career.

At the end of the interview, Allison encouraged girls who want to pursue STEM never to compare themselves to others but to instead try to compare themselves to their past self and see how far they have come. Success for everyone looks different. While the process may be rough, it will pay off eventually.

To watch the interview video, please click the ‘Watch’ button below. Friendly reminder: the interview is in Spanish, which is the official language of Honduras.